Wonderland presents: The Lion, The Witch and The Wonderland.

Back for their last party of 2013, London’s favourite underground party purveyors; Wonderland, are transforming the arches of Crucifix Lane,(London Bridge) into a Chronicles of Narnia themed winter Wonderland this Saturday the 14th of December.

It’s worth noting that Wonderland is entirely in aid of charity, with all  proceeds from their events going straight to a charity supporting communities in The Gambia, Africa; the Wonder Years Centre of Excellence charity.


Check out this video from the last Wonderland party, the Star Wars themed ‘Wonderland’s A Galaxy Far, Far Away:

The line up reads as diverse and elective as ever, with genres over the two rooms spanning drum and bass, breaks, big beat, electro-swing, house, disco, reggae, ska, acoustic and everything in between.

Headlers this time around include:

Cut La Roc

Heading the hugely successful Rocstar Recordings, and with releases on major labels such as Skint, Cut La Roc is a big time contender in the big beat/breaks genre.

DJ Prospect and Voice MC

Long term residents on leading DnB station OriginUK.net, these guys are one of our favourite DJ/MC combo’s.  Going from strength to strength, these guys have been booked all over Europe and the UK, and show no sign of slowing down. Expect it deep, dark and rolling, and entirely on point. Make sure you check out Prospect’s show on Origin, every Saturday 4-6pm.


The Jenova Collective

The production powerhouse duo behind the Jenova Collective, a 7-piece Electro Swing bunch from Leeds.


Over the last couple of years Hallouminati have been carefully blending their unique and high octane Gypsy/ Punk/ Ska/ Greek/ Ragga/Jazz, and this year have been playing at festivals up down the country including Bestival and Boomtown.


Alongside the plethora of fantastic music, the Wonderland crew have assembled an entourage of performers, including the Shimmy Bellydancers and the Bitter and Twisted Burlesque, interactive themed fun and games, State of the art lighting and projection design,  custom Stage Design by Jabberwocky Productions, the Wonderland Bakery and much, much more for you to discover.

Tickets are still on sale at £10 (More on the door):  Wonderlandfestival.co.uk/index.php?page=tickets

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: Facebook.com/events/1437208703157209

MORE INFO: WonderlandFestival.co.uk

Wonderland is entirely in aid of charity and run by volunteers, all profits go to the Wonder Years Charity ~ supporting communities in The Gambia.



The Lion, The Witch and the WONDERLAND – Upcoming party advert

The Brass Taxx crew have put together another radio ad for the upcoming  Chronicles on Narnia themed Wonderland party, Saturday the 14th December 2013, At Crucifix Lane, London bridge.

Tickets are available from:

More info with the Brass Taxx party preview coming very soon, in the mean time check out the Facebook event page for more details:

Tracks used:

A-Trak, GTA – Landline Feat. GTA (Jack Beats Remix)
Zeds Dead – Hit Me
Modu – Why We Make Mistakes

Sofles – Limitless

A few months back I posted a video, from graf artist Sofles:


At the time I was banging on about how this vid had pushed the boundaries of graf videos to the next level, with amazing throw ups and equally amazing camera work.


Then, last week a brand spanking new Sofles video dropped, taking the same fantastic shooting techniques, throwing in an even bigger abandoned warehouse, extra painters, more epic pieces, and some truly ingenious stop motion filming, blowing the last video out of the water. It’s already gone completely viral, with nearly 3.5 million views since its upload on the 22nd of November.

Make sure you watch it all the way to the end, because the final piece is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Ever. And make sure you stick it in 1080 for full effect.

Shot/Cut: Selina Miles.
Art by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas, Quench.
Soundtrack by DJ Butcher.


Rally driving boring you? Sebastian Llamosas spices things up a bit…

After suffering a snapped throttle cable at the Misiones Rally  in Argentina last weekend, Sebastian Llamosas’ co-driver Mauricio Sainz came up with a cunning plan – to operate the throttle from the engine bay. Whilst sitting on the engine. Whilst the driver carried on driving. With the bonnet open.


One LiveLeak user commented: ‘Incredibly risky and stupid.’

Indeed, but also massively intuitive and wholly entertaining.

10 points for effort.

Cannabis plants found in official Newport city flower pots

20 or so cannabis plants were discovered growing in six plant pots sited by a roundabout in Newport, Wales yesterday.


The best bit about this?

Rhys Hutchings, a Newport councillor and member of rap group Goldie Lookin Chain, blamed the alleged incident on the city’s ‘underworld.’
‘Probably teenagers,’ he said. ‘I’m pretty sure it’s not Alan Titchmarsh.’

What is a member of Goldie Lookin’ Chain doing on the council for Newport!? It was probably him who planted them…


While we’re on the subject of the GLC, it’s probably worth noting that they’ve got a new single out ‘At the Drive-Thru’:

Secret Garden Party

The Brass Taxx crew were in attendance at The Secret Garden Party this weekend, and we had so much fun that we are now reduced to quivering wrecks.

It was however worth every single minute, pure clowning from start to finish.

Massive shouts to everyone we crossed paths and jokes with!

Here’s a cheeky shot of the ‘Drop stage’ designed and built by members of the Wonderland crew, using the Gottwood festival lads Caravan.


Bike Vs Car Drift Battle – The Driftpocalypse

After the success of the previous Bike Vs Car drift battles (over 30 million YouTube hits…) Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha are back for round 3 (Check the previous vids here and here), this time with Monster energy drinks as sponsors, which means more money, which ultimately means more fun!

This video features more power, more stupidity, more tyre smoke, and an 850bhp supercharged, go anywhere buggy in police livery.

Bike car drift

Nick Brocha and Ernie Vigil are at the absolute top of their game, I mean car drifting is ten a penny nowadays, but doing it on two wheels on 200bhp+ turbo bikes that weigh about 180KG? That’s a combination of some serious skill, huge cojones and a noteable lack of the self preservation gene.

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

Danny MacAskill for those who don’t know, is possibly one of the greatest freestyle trials riders ever. Ever ever ever. His style makes the impossible possible, in the smoothest, and most fluid way imaginable.

His previous videos on YouTube have racked up well over 60 million views, and each new video seems to push those boundaries even further.


Coming back from near-career ending injuries over the last couple of years, Red Bull have thrown what I can only imagine to be a ridiculous amount of money at MacAskill, creating a huge custom trials ground to mimic a kids play room. Think bright colours, life size toy soldiers, giant crayons, 7 foot playing cards, life size train sets, and so on, all built and honed to his exact wants, the result being MacAskills perfect trials playground…. Prepare to be astonished:

Sofles – Infinite

Graffiti has always intrigued me. I’ve never been any good at art, and my handwriting has always been illegible at best, so I’ve always been merely an observer, making the most of those otherwise dull train journeys around London by keeping an eye out for a fresh piece, and watching the odd video on youtube of some nutter painting a train whilst it’s moving.


This video however, takes things to a next level. The filming and editing, alongside the sheer amount of throw ups in this vid makes it one of the best graff videos I’ve ever watched, let alone the quality of his work, especially the final piece.

Wonderland’s Wizard of Oz

Starting out as a small, invite only festival run by a tight-knit group of mates back in 2007, Wonderland has since grown to become one of the  underground London club scene’s most exciting events. Since it’s inception Wonderland has been committed to raising money for charity, firstly for Cancer Research UK, and since 2009 for a small charity supporting communities in The Gambia, Africa, the Wonder Years Centre of Excellence charity.

This Saturday,  June 1st, Wonderland return to Crucifix Lane for their massive summer party, this time round mashing two worlds together to bring you the twisted tale of ‘The Wonderland Wizard of Oz’!


“A storm has hit Wonderland and the Wendy house has been swept up into the air, only to come crashing down atop the poor old wicked witch of the east…sorry love!

Wonderland has spilt out into the Munchkin town and my golly are those lil guys and gals chuffed to have us! But we cannot stay, we must return to Wonderland before the Queens of Hearts tarts get stale or it will be off with our heads!!!

The Journey begins along the Yellow Brick Road to find the Emerald City and within it the Wonderful Wizard of Oz who has the ability to send us back with his all powerful bass!!

Join us on our adventure, meet some friends along the way, find courage, open your heart and discover your brain in the Wonderland Wizard of Oz… “


Check this time lapse video of the last Wonderland party, which shows the crew arriving at the club at about midday, setting up till 10pm when the club opens (The footage gets more blurry as the bass gets louder) right up until everyone gets kicked out at 6am, and everything is taken down, and the club doors finally close again at 10am:

The line up is as strong and diversified as ever, with DJ’s and live acts covering a plethora of genres, from jazz to drum and bass, and punk to UK garage!

Here’s a selection of music from the headliners to tantalise those aural taste buds.

Afghan Headspin:

Born in 2006 from members of dnb trio Resonant Evil, this duo specialise in breakbeats with twisting, tearing basslines and searing lead lines; no holds barred filth. Afghan Headspin have managed to firmly secure their name in Southern Spain as one of the leading artists in the tearout scene, and have made appearances on Annie Nightingales Radio 1 show and the Breakspoll awards, alongisde collaborations with some of the breaks worlds biggest names.


Howsons Groove:

This exciting new project is the collaboration between live production power-house Dekko, and talented London sound-smith Weave. Together, these bright young things make incredible music exploring house, garage and dubstep with a host of releases lined up for 2013. Nevertheless, their DJ sets range from melodic electronica to house party classics and driving all the way through into main room bass music. These talented producers know how to manipulate the dance floor in any situation.

Polaroid 85:

London-based Polaroid 85 combine haunting vocals, deep bass, intricate orchestral layers and glitchy samples to create downtempo, cinematic music. Their soulful, piano-led compositions are infused with elements of jazz, trip hop, liquid drum’n’bass, broken-beat, world, classical and folk music, taking you on a varied sonic journey.

Buffo’s Wake:

Describing themselves as “Spooky Gypsy Horror Punk”  Buffo’s Wake blend carnivalesque stomping folk music with a macabre edge and gypsy twinges, creating a truly unique and fun filled set, it’ll feel like Haloween’s come early this year!


This beautiful, 12-strong mix of international musicians have been making music in various form for a decade now, and things just keep getting better. Seamlessly blending Latin, Afro and Jazz flavours into a an energising blend of rocky and uptempo tracks riddled with strong melodies.


Besides the two rooms of quality music, you expect to find Arial Silks & Pole Dancing by Bitter & Twisted Burlesquestate of the art lighting by DCLX and LucyNationThe Wonderland Bakery by Miss White Rabbit, out of this world decor by the Wonderland Crew, custom stage design by Jabberwocky Productions, and much much more waiting to be discovered in the various nooks and crannies of Crucifix Lane, all whilst supporting a massively good cause.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: Facebook.com/events/152970054874681

MORE INFO: WonderlandFestival.co.uk

Wonderland is entirely in aid of charity and run by volunteers, all profits go to the Wonder Years Charity ~ supporting communities in The Gambia.


wonderland oz